Roots of My Anger - Silent Wish for Vengeance against ALL "Licensed" Automobile-Users?

@mythociate (15942)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 11, 2013 11:37am CST
I've mentioned this before--the common practice (of drivers too lazy/hurried to find parking ON apartment-grounds) of parking so as to obstruct passage from the sidewalk to the curb-- when that BLOCKS MY PATH, I feel like slamming the cart INTO the vehicle-door! Maybe that sounds 'violent,' but ... When I have 'gotten in drivers' ways'--AS I WAS IMMEDIATELY ON MY WAY OUT OF THEIR WAY--the drivers SLAMMED INTO ME! I haven't heard an apology from THEM (tho I am sorta living off of one of their insurance-plans)! But they feel NO GUILT AT ALL about 'leaving THEIR vehicles in MY path!' THAT IS WRONG! They should be AFRAID to leave their vehicles in MY (& all other pedestrians') path, just like I am afraid to leave my 'vehicle' standing in THEIR path. THEY should be even more-afraid of us, because PEDESTRIANS DON'T REQUIRE A "LICENSE" to be pedestrians. Drivers--on the other hand--DO require a 'license.' I thought a 'license' is a guarantee that the license-holder is competent to the operation of the equipment ... I'm learning that THAT'S NOT RIGHT---that a license is simply an announcement that you're paid-up for another 'so-long' (year or so?) What makes me especially angry: regret. Regret that I APOLOGIZED TO THE 'OFFENDER' WHO CAUGHT ME slamming into his vehicle And the reason I apologized? a death-threat from the officer the man called ... No, he didn't threaten to kill me; but he did tell me that if I continue to 'administer the slamming,' I could as "a reported-homicide on the evening-news, and there's nothing we can do about that." My brief-death injury WAS reported on the evening-news some-18 years ago. Luckily, I'm a wuss who lacks the backbone to actually do anything remotely threatening (which is why I'm content to damage the vehicle rather than -the vehicle-operator). (Though I've 'defeated' death once, I'm scared to face it again & wouldn't wish such trauma on my worst enemy.) ) But the injustice makes me sick
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