American Freedom Starts with the Choice to Live within Your Means! #BetterChoice #Efficiency #Wisdom

@mythociate (16155)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 15, 2013 2:50pm CST
'She whose name means Flowering Beauty of Listening' says she doesn't understand why people complain about "bein` broke ... Maybe you should try not living outside of your means it's pretty simple." I think the Bible's letter-writer tells us 'he's lived in abundance and in poverty, and Christ was his joy the whole time'; But Christians (like Kenneth Copeland (and Gloria & John etc.) and Jerry Savelle and Joel Osteen and all the other Prosperity Gospelers) today tell us that 'living in poverty' is just a step away from BLASPHEMY!--- on account of God loving us & -wanting only good things for us as a Father wants good things for their children. Many Christians--at-least seeing the POSSIBILITY of 'living in abundance' or 'living in poverty'--naturally choose the comfort of abundance---as naturally as choosing 'over' the mountain (or 'around') rather than 'through' ... the lazy bums! I think first of the 'Prodigal' Son---how he asked his father for his inheritance in advance (causing his father to disown him), took the inheritance and 'wasted it all on excesses' (THAT was how he was 'prodigal,' a word that has very little to do with 'running away'); and then came back asking to be put on only a servant's meager wage, but was forgiven by the father & was given back his place as a favored son! However, America (& worldly living with the world's life-blood being 'money') doesn't work that way. The world's heart doesn't 'love' the world's 'organs' (including you) unless the heart needs the organs to USE the blood-carried energy ("value," which it pumps to them) to nurture/entertain/protect/feed itself! But the Flowering Bloom of Listening is right---if you can have joy with little--being happy with the not-yet-iced cake--then having lots is just 'the icing' Still, it's easy to get 'addicted'---expecting 'icing on every cake' so much that "cake without icing" is just 'cornbread'
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