Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas? (or Does It Matter?) #PewResearchCenter #SeasonalGreeting #Festivus

@mythociate (15568)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 15, 2013 5:12pm CST
According to Pew Research Center's latest polls, there's no clear majority on the matter (12% prefer 'Happy Holidays,' 42% prefer 'Merry Christmas,' & 46% have no preference). Reason would argue for Happy Holidays, as 1) 'Christmas' sounds more like 'a single get-together in the name of the Anointed/Anointing' (a great party, to be sure; but not a time to think about 'which groceries you need') & 2) 'holidays' is SAYING "holy days"---surely that's what you want to celebrate, yes? Besides, 3) Jesus is God's gift to ALL people (not just the ones who WANT His forgiveness by grace); and 4) don't ALL religions have 'holy days' around that time? Didn't Jesus say "Forgive them, Father, for THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY ARE DOING?"
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