Which AdFly-Strategy Is Better: the Interruption or the Banner?

@mythociate (15600)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
January 30, 2014 8:08am CST
I'm showing my 'lean' there, as AdFly itself actually calls the Interruption "Interstitial." AdFly is a service that gives its members money for letting them add advertising to the links the members share with friends. That advertising can be added as "Interstitial" (redirecting the link to a whole `nother page which links back to the sender's- & audience's intended link) or as "Banner" (adding a frame-embedded banner to the page). And I DO think the Banner-method is better, both for the 'audience' and for the member. Not only does it actually go directly where the member SAID it would go (not losing too-much of the audience's trust in the member as a friend), but I think it also hides the page's address---making each viewer a 'repeat customer' if they want to see the page again. But the 'money' & the linked-to party may think the Interstitial better, because a) advertisers pay more for Interstitial displays & b) I suspect the banner-frame cuts off- or invalidates the page's advertising cookie(s). (EtymOnline--the etymology dictionary website--has code that DESTROYS frames!) So I use the banner-frame type on MOST individual links I change, but on page-scripts (that automatically add ads to ALL the links on one of my own blogs or -pages) and on links to sites that use ad-programs I use the interstitial.
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