April 25, 2014 5:54am CST
Every one of us has our own stress episode. Stress brings us headache especially during the time of great financial difficulties. Stress has an effect in our health. It may bring serious complication if the heart can't handle the effect of personal problem faced during the day. If only we can handle stress even how serious it was, there should be no heartache and pain we felt and our mind will be relax, comfortable and easy. We have to try to overcome this bothersome feeling before it can affect our physical and mental well-being that may result to our incapacity to think better.
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@Sgoessi (78)
• Switzerland
14 Jul 14
Completely agree with you. Mental stress is a root of all the body and heart problems. In order to keep mind relaxed and calm, and while busy schedule, stress can be tackled; for that people must follow fully fit exercise and yoga which make mental peace and physically healthy. With respect to yoga, people must intake the proper healthy diet in a regular basis too.
• United States
23 Jun 14
Its not easy to focus on own mental stability in one go. For a better way, an individual must go with the healthy counseling with the doctor to over the stress which can lead to depression. Or you can do the activities or hobbies which you like to the most and divert your mind when you get involved in such condition. These situations must get handled in a calm manner which results fruitful.
• Nassau, Bahamas
25 Apr 14
Stress is a serious thing and if you do not trust in God and cast your cares upon him like he said in his word it can cause anxiety which causes heart palpitation shortness of breath you feel like your having a heart attack. Anxiety is a disease and if you do not want to develop this through stress then do your best to "Trust in the Lord".