will this work?

Ruidoso, New Mexico
May 24, 2014 10:44pm CST
Looking for the elusive dollar. I have looked all over the internet to find ways to make money. Like others I am sure I find sites that promise big money if I invest in their programs before they even tell you what they are. I have joined many sites to read emails for a few pennies and take surveys which I usually never qualify for, half way through. It gets quite depressing. The old saying nothing is easy is right on the money. Quite a pun don't you think. I still won't give up and will keep searching and will keep you updated. Right now I am getting nighty dollars every 3 months by reading emails from three different sites, inbox dollars, send earning and panda.
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@owlwings (39752)
• Cambridge, England
25 May 14
If you enjoy writing and reading what others have written, you might give Bubblews a try. Their motto is "Speak Freely. Write your World" and that means you can write about just about anything in your life, so long as it's your own words, in English and more than about 100 words (400 characters). You earn according to the number of views, likes and comments your posts receive. At the moment, it's 1 cent for every view, like and comment and the more that you participate (by connecting with other members and viewing, liking and commenting on their posts), the more you are likely to make. It is quite easy to make at least $1 per article, once you have built up a few connections and, since you are allowed to post 10 articles a day, there are many people who make $50 a month or more. It is absolutely essential to read and follow the rules. You may see a few blog posts and reviews claiming that 'Bubblews is a scam' ... these are all posted by people who have fallen foul of the Terms of Use in some way or another, although they possibly aren't aware of it and certainly wouldn't admit it if they are. You can join using this link, if you like (Bubblews pay me a few cents when you post your first article):
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