Where Does "E-Mobile Code" Change from 'a Good Idea' to 'a Scam'?

@mythociate (15958)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
September 10, 2014 9:27am CST
I got an "invitation" to 'plug into' E-Mobile Code "for FREE" (watching the video, I saw that it was only 'FREE' in the sense that 'the owner' wasn't getting money from me ... there was still 'the shipping-charge'). The invitation led me to a video where owner Mr. McKnight explained how E-Mobile Code works. After the patience-testing sequence of people 'exclaiming how amazing this money-making program is' (with no benefit other than 'money-making'), Mr. McKnight reveals that the program plugs into cell-phone usage through military technology (how the internet was originally developed). Mr. McKnight says he thought of this when he was reviewing 'the best way to make money online': email. And he noticed that people with cell-phones check their email 7 times more often than those limited to the computer. But he doesn't mention the Keynesian effect this has on economy---he shows the example of some guy plugging into his program and making “500$ in two hours”, but doesn’t wonder if that makes money worth LESS? (why spend an hour making 20 when two hours with this makes 500?) Here's the text he give affiliates to use to sell it: [b]CELLPHONE USERS WANTED (Beginners Preferred) HELP WANTED (Beginners Preferred) HELP REQUESTED (Beginners Preferred) BETA-TESTERS NEEDED (Beginners Preferred) 110,000 PEOPLE LIKED THIS (Beginners Preferred)[/b] Hey! I need your help to beta-test this amazing new mobile system that's already resulted in profits of $558,087 in cold hard cash... If you've never made a penny online before, and you want to be able to create a profit pulling machine in just 7 clicks of your mouse START CLICKING NOW! http://mythman.emcode.clicksureCPA.com/ - You don't need an existing website - You don't need any technical experience - You don't need to be a sales person - You don't need any money to get started - You don't need to learn about SEO, Twitter, link-building, CPA, PPV or any of that - You don't need to spend hours of your time each day to make any money In fact, beginners will get preference View Clicking Details http://mythman.emcode.clicksureCPA.com/ Application Requirements: - Provide feedback in terms of the features and functionality of the product - Let us know how fat your bank account has become INCREASE YOUR BANK BALANCE NOW http://mythman.emcode.clicksureCPA.com/ NOTE: only 50 beta-testers are required and the closing date is fast approaching! Best of luck, J P.S. 7 clicks from now... $558,087 in cold hard cash START CLICKING! http://mythman.emcode.clicksureCPA.com/ (NOTE: MY clicksure-link probably doesn't work, as I've been inactive there for so long.)
Please be advised that this product is being investigated by the federal authorities based on deception and fraud.   IGNORE THE ARTICLE BELOW The latest hype in the internet world is created by the eMobile Code which is a complete system created by Bill Mc
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