Suva, Fiji
September 24, 2014 9:17pm CST
god is dead
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@owlwings (40029)
• Cambridge, England
25 Sep 14
Which god are you talking about and what evidence can you produce?
• Suva, Fiji
26 Sep 14
my life was so bad.my study was bad too. why does not god help me?
• Bangalore, India
26 Sep 14
@auscarchen Hi Auscar, If you could elaborate a little about your problem, may be i could shed some light on it. In short I would say that God Helps Those Who help themselves. May be the help is available, but not exactly in the way you imagined, maybe you want to do something which is not in harmony with your constitution. Well if you are willing to share, then i would attempt to help out with some practical advice, finally we are all humans and we can guide / help each other on the path of life. Cheer up.
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