how to find a lover

Hangzhou, China
October 20, 2014 8:59pm CST
Hi, everyone . I’m a 25-years old girl . I have never been in love. I really wonder how to find a lover
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• Makati, Philippines
21 Oct 14
Why don't you start by socializing. People tends to find their peers through mingling with people.Try finding the one that hooks your attention or the one with the sameinterest....most couples starts on being friends afterall...:)
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• Mumbai, India
23 Oct 14
Do not search for it. Its not a commodity that you can get off the self.When search for "Love", you actually search for "Physical" part of love and not the eternal part. You will not find eternal love but true love will find you without notice, if you keep heart filled with love for all
@YupHan (67)
• Chengdu, China
24 Oct 14
Do not try to find a lover , just be yourself ,be sunshine ,enjoy your life ,make yourself happy everyday .Be confindent to yourseldf , interact with others constantly and show the best points of yourself .When you meet the boy of type you like ,try to get connect with him , make friends with him .If it is the time , you may fall in love !So ,do not try to find love ,just wait and enjoy yourself ,be happy to your courrent life !As Forrest Gump said life was box of chocolate ,you never know what you gonna get ,so llive your life with best wishes for tomorrow!!
@dpk262006 (56563)
• Delhi, India
21 Oct 14
You need to constantly interact with others to draw their attention. Untill and unless you interact with others, specially people from opposite gender, you cannot befriend them, leave apart falling in love. You need self confidence to socialize and interact with others. Don't feel afraid to open up because all are human like us. All the best.
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@gostli (2)
• Nanning, China
23 Oct 14
sorry,i'm a beginner,i don't want to report you.
• United States
27 Oct 14
It's ok, I always check a post before I remove it if it has been reported. No harm done :)
• Guangzhou, China
25 Mar 15
haha hope you will find your dream lover near future ~
@mim119 (2)
• South Korea
23 Oct 14
How to find a lover? Maybe nobody could answer the question. Perhaps you would ask a question "how to find a better lover?" Please promote yourself,then the much progress you get ,the better lover you meet.
@denimJ (1)
• Wuhan, China
23 Oct 14
wait,time will help you
• Calicut, India
23 Oct 14
Nobody can tell you how to find a lover. when you tries to do so, it always gets into a mess. so keep yourself pure and make your and heart clean, and let love find you.