Can You Tell Us What Piriform's CCleaner 11/5/14 Release-Notes Mean?

@mythociate (15600)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 5, 2014 7:53am CST
CCleaner--a FREE cleaning-program from Piriform--had an update that I downloaded today (November 5, 2014). These are the 'release-notes' they gave (possibly at the link: "Release Notes v4.19.4867 (24 Oct 2014) - Added Windows 10 Preview compatibility. - Improved Opera 25 Cache cleaning. - Improved exception handling and reporting architecture. - Improved Auto-Update checking process. - Updated various translations. - Minor GUI Improvements. - Minor bug fixes." I look at the notes, and I think: "Windows 10? You mean there was a Windows 9?" "Opera? Is that some OS I don't really care about? Should I care?" "blah-blah-blah (for a few lines, then) What's 'GUI'?" etc. Do they get more-specific somewhere as to the 'improvements' they made? Can you answer any of these questions?
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