If That's Where "Blog" Came from, Why Didn't They Make Up ???

@mythociate (15951)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 14, 2014 6:54pm CST
I was trying to think of another entry for my etymology-blog Purer Power, when I just thought 'Why not "blog"?' We all know 'blog' comes from the conjunction of "web" & "log." The word was developed from people tiring of saying "web-log" in an era where 'writing in- or on-my log' had too many other meanings for people to cut out 'web' altogether. I'm going to look-up 'log.' But first it made me think of the old "captains' logs" from STAR TREK, and it made me wonder, 'Why didn't they make up the word "Zlog" (from "captain's" & "log") or "Slog" (from the ending of "space") or "Plog" ("shiP")?' I guess the captain's log didn't matter much to the plot. (Might be a good idea for a movie or book, where the protagonist has to 'archaeolog' the text of a then-ancient starship-captain's log.) But then why did 'Blog' come into being when 'Zlog/Slog/Plog' did not? (Maybe Doctor Who can fix it )
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