Is "the Fairy-Tale Marriage" Disappearing? Is Popular Media Flushing It Away?!?

@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
April 1, 2015 8:02am CST
"True Love's Kiss" is where the deterioration starts. It used to mean 'the kiss of a husband & wife': in fairy-tales, when one of them is 'saved' by a kiss from the other; in real life, the sealing-action at the end of a wedding ceremony. Now you've got stories being broadcast that define "true love" as something different---a kiss from a sister in FROZEN, a kiss from a fairy-godmother in MALEFICENT, and ... probably others. True, 'a sister's love' and 'a former evil-fairy wanting redemption for the hatred she took out on the violator's daughter' are truer FORMS-of-love than the romantic kind purported by the stories told long-ago; but those stories were important, as they cemented the mother-father relationship as 'one upon which the children should base their OWN romantic-relationships!' (THAT'S the "fairy-tale" that Pop-Countess Britney Spears told PEOPLE Magazine that she STILL believes in! She still believes that 'Prince Charming' will come (or maybe 'has come,' in the form of her CURRENT new man) and will 'abide' with her happily-ever-after.)
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