Etymology (study of words' histories) Makes Me Think that Christianity Gives Satan Godly Power

@mythociate (14540)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 10, 2015 6:51am CST
Specifically, thinking of the word "anoint" (as "Christian" does mean "of the Anointed One and His Anointing"). The Satan-loving is brought up because the root of "anoint" is "to smear on." True, God was credited as the one who "sent" the Anointing to him; but Satan was the one who brought it & 'rubbed it on' Jesus, and then only through "sin" (another word that might need some researching). I also think of Job (JOHB), the wealthy farm-owner who--when Satan was permitted (by God) to inflict punisment on him--totally blamed God and was tempted (by his friends and even by his wife) to 'hate God in return.' Justify these truths! And not the Christians' usual way of 'responding' with fingers firmly plugged in your ears yelling, 'GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME; AND ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GREAT! JEEBUSS PAID FER ALL MAH SINZES! HALLELUJAH-YAH-YAH-YAH-YAAAAAAAAAA!"
Many words rooted-in/supporting/related-to One Word (Christ ... or whichever word you happen to be thinking-of) Tuesday, June 9, 2015 #Anoint #RootOfTheWord #Anointed I’m surprised that I didn’t research ‘Anoint’ sooner, as the very meaning of “Christian”
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