The Game of MacGuyvering an Airplane out of an Out-house!

@mythociate (15735)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 16, 2015 7:50pm CST
You start with a box on wheels (supposedly a former port-a-potty) and a ramp on a cliff overlooking a few thousand feet of water between you and where you'd like to land. Pushing the box as fast as you can earns you a reward, with which you can buy things like 'higher speed' or 'bigger prizes' or 'plane-parts,' and (if you spend right and have a little bit of luck) pretty soon you're pushing that former out-house into a blast-off where you're doing aerial tricks as your craft rises above the moon, past Mars, beside Superman ... so high it looks like you're Breaking the Internet! Sound fun? You should try the video game!
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