Weird Sign that I'm Getting Older - Night Sweats

@mythociate (16174)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 23, 2015 12:56pm CST
"Do you find that, late at night, your room is unexplainably hot?" That's how I'd start this if I wanted to 'help you find relief' or something (starting with 'taking your money' ) But I'm really asking this for myself. The past few nights, I've 'noticed' that my room was unexplainably hot a little after midnight (yes, I know we're getting into the summer and thus it's actually GETTING a little hotter; but I'm comfortable or -a little COLD up to that point!) And 'what prompted me to find out a little online' was that (not now, but a little after midnight) there's kind of a metallic taste in my mouth---the kind I've heard of people having right before a "stroke" (or some other kind of system-fail). But is BodyLogicMD right in saying that I'm just getting older and my immune-system's not replacing my testosterone as fast as it used to? what should I have more of in my diet? or am I just not brushing-my tongue and/or -the backs of my teeth enough
what night-sweats might be a symptom-of and how to get started in relieving them
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