Was the American Civil War Really Just a War-on-Slavery?

@mythociate (16155)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 24, 2015 1:35pm CST
I think racist-discrimination dragged the slavery-aspect out longer than necessary; the Civil War was REALLY the Southern way-of-life against the Northern way. The Southern way was more inheritance-based (one owned the land because one's parents owned it before), while the Northern was more Capitalist (one owned the land because one BOUGHT it). What else was the war about? (I was going to ask this on a Post-Loop forum called World-Defense, but that forum is more 'involving current-politics' than 'remembering past-politics' ... I know 'past mistakes help us avoid future mistakes,' so maybe I'll refer-to this post from there; but it's not good to bring them to remembrance until you need `em.)
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