Earning money in myLot?

June 27, 2015 9:55am CST
Hi! I am new here and I heard that this site pay you for posting and responding to other posts. Is this true?
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@owlwings (39601)
• Cambridge, England
28 Jun 15
MyLot ended the earnings program in May 2013! Always check the date of information you find posted on the Internet! You can find up-to-date information, a short guide and hints and tips on how MyLot may be useful to you here:
A Quick Users Guide to MyLot. How and why you should use MyLot.
28 Jun 15
Hey, I don't remember how to tag a user in a post
@owlwings (39601)
• Cambridge, England
29 Jun 15
@PhredWreck Just put '@" before the username. If you are responding to a comment' it is automatically added.
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29 Jun 15
@owlwings couldn't remember if it was that or a "+"...thanks
@Manasha (2311)
• Pondicherry, India
16 Aug 15
You can start now here as it the site is paying
@dpk262006 (56473)
• Delhi, India
30 Jun 15
You would have seen some old information about the website. This site no longer pays. However, you are free to post your discussions here.
@PhredWreck (6051)
27 Jun 15
No, myLot stopped paying a long time ago, you don't earn anything for posting here