What Is God's Understanding of Sin?

Jesus Bridges the Gap
@mythociate (15753)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
July 8, 2015 1:38pm CST
J.D. Myers tells us http://redeeminggod.com/love-the-sinner-hate-the-sin/ that God doesn't 'hate' sin (not the way WE understand "hate"), but then he tells us that "claiming to 'hate the sin, but love the sinner'" is equivalent to saying 'We claim the power of God to judge people.' I disagree. This is where Christian 'mythology' (which doesn't mean 'falsity,' but rather 'the story that teaches') gets mixed up. It's true that we have no record-of-past-sins in Heaven, but somehow the superstition arose that 'we go to some big-ol` judgment-seat, where all our sins are reviewed and we gotta "plead the Blood of Jeebuss" to pay the diff`rence to get us inta Heaven.' That's a false myth. The true myth is that we cannot get to Heaven unless we take 'The Way' (which is Jesus, The Way & Truth & Light). "Sin" literally means 'falling short.' When Jesus forgave in-person (forgiving Mary Magdalene etc.), He told them "Go, and sin no more," not 'okay, you're forgiven. Go do whatever feels good.' The basis of most sins is 'serving the wrong purpose.' If you focus on the purposes you can see (a big house, sensual pleasure, lots of profits, etc.), you're DEFINITELY going to miss the goal that you can't see! God's understanding of sin is 'that it takes our focus away from him.'
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