What "White Privilege"?

@mythociate (15740)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
July 12, 2015 8:47am CST
In response to the 'Pulitzer Prize Stuff!' (or rather 'Peabody Award Material,' at the link), a *Gazette*-reader wrote a letter: "White privilege? (Commentary, “The blindness of privilege,” Jennifer Chancellor, June 24, Gazette) "1. Quit your job and have the Gazette hire a minority to take the job you abandoned. "2. You could dye your hair, get a hair weave and then a spray tan. Change your name. Instant incognegro. Get your job back. "Either walk the walk or keep your white guilt a$s shut." It's highly-probable that the responder above just looked at the picture, rehd the title & maybe -the first few lines of the commentary-article (probably the ones before she started with the statistics), and fired off their 'sour grapes' over "not being privileged." In the article, http://q.gs/8Xuna Editor Chancellor stated that yes, she is privileged. Her parents were well-paid, and her job (like most of her employment from youth-to-now) pays well. But what the letter-writer isn't figuring-in is THAT WORK. I'm not privy to Publisher Bill Bleakley's hiring-process, but I'm thinking that no picture was even REQUIRED. Sure, maybe she had to come in for a live interview; but I'm thinking that's mostly just to get an idea of her office-behavior. I don't know; maybe there WAS a minority with the same qualifications applying for the Editor-in-Chief position; and--while I'm not suspecting anything--maybe Publisher Bleakley DID base his final decision (all other things about the candidates being equal) on skin-color ... it's his right to do so! And the Editor is "walking the walk." Quitting her job, changing her looks and name (Jenniqua Chanci ) would not change her qualfications (except that the 'quitting her job for no good reason' may make her look like 'a possible flake' ). One of the deciding factors in receiving a position like hers is going out and TAKING it (a big reason why I don't have such a position---I CAN'T GO GET IT! (more about that elsewhere ... maybe)) Any literate American has the right to petition Publisher Bleakley (or the hiring executive with Tierra Media Inc.) to take-over Editor Chancellor's contract. (Slim chance of success, but better than if you DON'T try!)
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