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July 29, 2015 2:25am CST
How do I choose a small business POS System?
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10 May 16
You should follow the following strategies on choosing the pos system for your business 1. Estimate the needs of your business 2. Take note of the required hardware 3. Set a budget 4. Audit and compare the POS Systems 5. See the POS in action 6. Get the set-up right And when it comes to choosing Lightspeed or Revel check out the features comparison: 1. Lightspeed was established in 2005, whereas Revel was established in 2010 2. These are web-based POS systems and run on iPAD, with and without internet for card processing 3. Both Revel and Lightspeed will run on any recent-gen iPad 4. Revel is more preferred for mid sized business and it offers lesser features when compared to Lightspeed. Lightspeed can support unlimited registers whereas Revel doesn’t. 5. Lightspeed costs less than Revel on a monthly basis but Lightspeed charges additionally for extra users, printers, advanced reporting and so on. Whereas Revel provides all extra features at one price. 6. Set-up is hassle free for both POS systems 7. Lightspeed visual is simpler but Revel has steeper learning curve, and hence takes more time to set up. 8. Both offer great features but Revel seems to provide more functions and better integration than Lightspeed 9. But whatever solution you choose ensure that you get POS security to prevent POS malware attacks that have becomes the major cause for data breaches. Securebox is the one which I found for pos security and you can get them at
Comodo Securebox protects Point of Sale (POS) systems from security breaches. It provides proficient POS security options to secure financial transactions.
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29 Jul 15
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A POS system is an integral part of your retail small business. Learn about complete POS systems, bundles and POS componenets before making the purchase
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30 Jul 15
There are n number of options to choose from and it depends entirely on you business. Like you would already know, POS is a software that offers retail automation replacing the traditional register. It has many functionalities like automate markdowns, analyze the success/failure of a promotion campaigns, maintaining consistency across different locations. Hence being a small business owner faced with so many choices, choosing the right one is key. You would have to look at many aspects such as to test the customer service of the POS company. How much ever big the company is, at the end of the day, you would have to face one issue or the other. Your POS is the most important device in your store hence if something happens to it, make sure you know that someone is always available to answer your queries and to guide you through everything. One more thing to be kept in mind is to ask yourself whether the POS grow with your business. This is essentially making sure that the POS has scope for customization wherein if you plan to expand your business. Some POS software that would interest your would be; QuickBooks It allows you to track sales, customers and inventory. MultiFlex POS Systems It allows you to keep historical sales data, make financial projections, has a built-in CRM besides also allowing you schedule and follow up on all the activities. Revel Revel provides reporting and also offers you the luxury of tracking your inventory.