Should Glorious Positions Focus on 'Glorifying God' or -on 'Fulfilling Your Purpose' More?

Tebow Glorifies ... "Up"?
@mythociate (15570)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
August 5, 2015 7:49am CST
'Pastor' Jeremy Myers ( ... if the blog's not up, this is what I read in the e-mail feed of that blog) writes that "Tim Tebow (NFL quarterback from the Phillippines) Should Stop Praying" (obviously not 'that he should never pray,' but that he should stop doing it by 'kneeling on the field after every good play' and -by 'painting "John 3:16" into his eye-black' and -by 'thanking God verbally at every press-conference' etc.) I agree with Myers when I review one of Lord Jesus Christ's main complaints against the Pharisees---that they spent more time 'constructing shrines of many-words' than they spent 'fulfilling the purpose of their position.' (Myers says it this way: "If God truly raised up Tim Tebow to be an NFL quarterback (which is debatable), then it was not so that Tim could announce his Christian faith by praying in the End Zone and praising Jesus at press conferences. No, God raised up Tim Tebow to be a quarterback so that he can be the best quarterback Tim Tebow can be. Period." But--while I mostly-agree with 'Pastor' Myers--at least one of his "reasons why Tebow should stop that" perpetuate the myth that 'God answers prayers like a worker fulfills work-orders.' (I wanted to say that in 'comments on his blog,' but I can't connect to it just-now.) Myers 'perpetuates the myth' by claiming that--when Tebow 'thanks God for his accomplishments'--Tebow seems to be claiming that 'God hears and answers the prayers of some people more than those of others.' So I guess 'Pastor' Myers' understanding needs to change more than quarterback Tebow's glory-giving! "God's answer to prayers" is 'the world he sets before us everyday'; 'our reception of that answer' is what Myers misunderstands as 'God answering some prayers and -not answering others.' Tim Tebow 'receives the answer' in his way (whether it's "the best way" or not, that's between him & God). Many think God's answer ('the world he gives us') is "wrong"; that's between them and God, and we shouldn't factor-in 'whether Tebow (or anyone else) knelt to praise God' into our reception of it!
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