What Incentive Is there for Tracking Serial-Numbers Online @TrackDollar?

@mythociate (15753)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
August 5, 2015 7:57pm CST
In the six years I've been tracking my 'Federal Reserve Bank (FRB)'-notes, I've entered over 6500 ... and have thus far seen [b]only 50-or-60[/i] "hits" (20-to-49 others tracking in Oklahoma, 5-to-9 in Texas, 3-or-4 in California (maybe the Gubernator?), 2 in Arizona, and 1-each in New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, New York & North Carolina). Although I naturally take advantage of the opportunity to invite the relatively-few others (who track my notes) to join the online discussion, that's obviously not enough of a payoff to 'make me want to track more.' No, I track my FRB-notes in order to 'verify' them for future users---with technology being more-&-more accessible, there may come a time when large groups of counterfeiters figure-out all the verification-tricks the banks use; and these additional verification characteristics (the "WWW.TRACKDOLLAR.COM" stamped-or-handwritten on the bill, the bill's serial-number's entry on the TrackDollar database) will combine with the others (the magneticality of the ink, the special cotton-blend of the paper-grade, the various FRB-approved designs) will serve as more-complete verification of the notes (and/or will add a few steps to the master-counterfeiters' job Any other reasons you can see?
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