Are 2015's Highest-Paid Actors Worth the Expense?

@mythociate (14524)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
August 5, 2015 9:02pm CST
I think so. If only for the ticket-sales the big names draw-in (which is one of the reasons movie-theaters by the master-reels ... which COULD BE where the production-companies make the most money) Is Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) worth the $80 million this year? Jackie Chan (Mr. Miyagi.1) the $50 million? Vin Diesel (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) the $47 million? Bradley Cooper (THE HANGOVER) the $41.5 million? Adam Sandler (comedy-movies) the $41 million?Tom Cruise (Jerry MacGuire) the $40 million? (Marky) Mark Wahlberg the $32 million? And does anyone think of the student-loans these theater-masters have had to pay?
Robert Downey Jr. has been named the world's highest paid actor for a third year by Forbes, thanks in no small part to the power of China's box office.
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