Get One of MomsRising's "Clue-Trackers," to See If the Presidential Candidates in the Next Debate Are "Really Thinking of Our Families!"

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August 6, 2015 12:11pm CST sent me the following message: "Dear J(ude), "“Clueless!!!” "Confession: I’ve wanted to actually shout that at my TV a time or two recently while Presidential candidates were talking—and I’m not a shouter. (Not naming any names, but moments of Presidential candidate cluelessness about what’s really going on with real working families, moms, dads, and kids in our nation have been rampant recently.) "Never fear! "We have a constructive - and very entertaining - way to make Presidential Candidate debates a moment for real change, and not just frustration. Join us in a collective effort to give the candidates a clue about mom, dad, and working family voters and our priorities, starting with tracking if they mention our top policy areas like healthcare, gun safety, fair pay, childcare, racial equity and justice, and more on a nifty, fun Clue Detective Card during the debates! "Are you in? The first debate is this Thursday (tomorrow!) at 9pmET/6pmPT! Click here to get your free, fun Clue card now: (at the URL) "How’s this Candidate Clue game work? Each time a candidate mentions one of the priority issue areas listed on the Clue Detective Card, you mark it down on our free Clue (like the board game) Detective Notebook Card. Easy! (Get your kids involved! It’s a fun way to watch the debate and play with kids too. You could even give your kids a healthy treat each time they mark a box on the Clue Detective Notebook Card.) At the end of the debate, our tracking will show how much of a clue each of the candidates have at the beginning of this election season. "We’ll be amplifying your Candidate Clue tracking efforts so we collectively have a big impact together: We’ll be live Tweeting and social media sharing the Candidate Clue Detective card results in real time, as well as sharing the results with the media, during and after the debates in order to hold the candidates accountable for sharing their position on each priority policy issue that affects moms, dads, and working families so there will be no mystery as to where they stand. (*You can follow us during the debate — and any time — on Twitter at @MomsRising and on Facebook at "Why should YOU join us to track whether candidates have a clue about family priorities? Because it matters! It matters a lot! Candidates from across the political spectrum will be watching to see how closely moms, dads, and working families are tracking the debates and what they care about. This is the time to influence the words, commitments, and future actions of current candidates! If we track and share what the candidates really are (and are not saying), then this gives us a chance to influence the debate and put pressure on the candidates to get a clue. "Now, you might be wondering, where did the policy areas on the Clue card come from, anyway? The issues we'll be tracking are the ones YOU told us matter. A few weeks ago, we did a survey of our MomsRising membership and audience to find the top issues that YOU wanted to be sure every major candidate for President has a clue about…and then we put those top issues into a nifty, fun Clue Detective Tracking Sheet (Yes, just like the game of Clue!)… and now we (“we" meaning you, I, and members across the nation) are together going to use that nifty, fun Clue detective tracking sheet to find out which candidates have a Clue, and which are clueless, during the debates. *Get your free, fun and nifty Clue Detective Tracking Card here: "Here are more details on how the Clue game works: This Thursday (August 6th) at 9pm ET / 6pm PT is the first Presidential debate of the 2016 election! Our nifty Clue Detective Game Card will keep the debate watching fun for the whole family, help you track whether the candidates are covering issues of greatest concern to women, moms, and families; and, importantly, help alert the media when candidates ignore the top family economic security policies of our members and audience. "So gather your troops (your troops can be just your cat, or your child, or your neighbor without a TV) and have a virtual party with us & your TV on Thursday night during the debate. *Download your free Clue game card here: "Of course the fun and the impact doesn't stop when the debates end! After the debates are over, we'll also share the Presidential debate Clue card tallies and reactions from moms, dads and working families for each candidate with the media, as well as with the campaigns, and via social media. This way the candidates will know that real people are paying attention to--and tallying!--where they stand on family economic security issues. And thus, playing something as fun as Clue will help remind the candidates to put family economic security issues as a top priority. "We'll also have a place online where you can discuss your Clue game results with people across the country on the MomsRising blog (Just go to the page and scroll down to the Do the Presidential Candidates Have A Clue? - Debate One! blog after the debate to find the discussion area). "For our part, we can't wait to sit down and tally up their remarks, or lack thereof, on our presidential Clue cards -- and to keep letting candidates know that moms, dads, and working families are paying attention, and that our votes matter. *Here's that link again to say "I'm in" for getting your super fun Presidential Debate Clue game card: "Enjoy the debates--and let's do our part to give Presidential candidates a clue! "- Kristin, Ashley, Nate, Donna, Sili and the MomsRising Team "P.S. This is a nonpartisan program, taking no position in support of or opposition to any candidate or party." I don't think it really makes a difference if the office-holders are thinking of families if the families' providers (the moms-and-dads-etc. themselves) aren't properly 'using the system as it is at any moment' to support their families; but it's good to know whether your future leaders will keep in mind that their decisions 'indirectly' affect- ('directly' would be a lie, although other leaders can show 'Muggle'-parents HOW those decisions 'indirectly' affect) the quality of future-citizens' upbringing! So will YOU get some of's 'Clue cards'? Why or why-not?
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