Do you have a special hobby?

August 10, 2015 10:45am CST
I like to read books in my spare time but nowadays spending time on sites like Chatabout, myLot and Persona Paper is my favourite way of de-stressing and meeting people. Money wise these sites are not very lucrative (at least they have not been for me ) but they are a lot of fun and a great way to spend 30-45 minutes.
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@Gina145 (3974)
• Johannesburg, South Africa
18 Aug 15
I spend far too much time on sites like this one and neglect my hobbies. My favourite is growing bonsai trees, but I don't give them as much attention as they deserve.
@maecanay (34)
11 Aug 15
i love youtubing! i just love how to film myself and edit it, and people will watch it appreciate it somehow! that will make my whole world the happiest place! i also love photography just that i dont have a decent camera yet and i am saving so much to buy my very first dslr soon hopefully, expensive but it is my passion and i just cant be happy if i cant have what makes me happy, i want to document every precious moment and cherish it till forever. i do love singing! i did some cover of my favorite song on my youtube channel, and youtube is like the only place where i can share what i got. i also love to share what i think is worth sharing for and im looking forward to have my own website but i dont how and how much! so for the meantime i will stay here in mylot. mylot is special, it has a place in my heart .
@minx267 (14645)
• Hartford, Connecticut
11 Aug 15
I consider photography and creating stuff from photography my hobby. I started in 2006.. taking a few photos and found out about Zazzle where you can upload them on to different products and sell them. Then I got more into it and being more creative with my photographs and in editing them. I got to say if I look back at the stuff I uploaded originally back in 2006 I get a little embarrassed however, once in awhile someone still buys some of it.. so never take your stuff down. But I'd like to think my hobby as progressed and i can now call my self a designer and artist.. although I use that term loosely.. I can't paint or draw to save my life.. but I think that i do have a good eye and i can figure out when to stop in my manipulations of my photos. I am now earning at Zazzle and at Society 6. Sometimes I get in a slump and don't feel creative. I haven't don't a whole lot at Zazzle lately. I think they just got too many things now.. it's to the point where I think I will never catch up with all the items they have you can add your art to.. so I just don't.. :) I will try to motivate myself again soon as the holiday sales should start soon. But I now also have started earning on Society 6. doing pretty much the same there. Only what took me years to work my way up to (about an average of $50 a month on Zazzle has only taken me months to achieve at Society6.. so I am hopeful. anyway what's great about it is that if I don't feel up to doing it I don't have to, and I can still continue to earn money. But I know if I apply myself I can have the potential to earn even more. I love reading . but Have found myself so caught up in earning online lately that I haven't read a good book in close to a year.
@rusty2rusty (6765)
• Defiance, Ohio
10 Aug 15
I love to write. I write on several of my own niche blogs. I don't make any money at it. Recently I signed up for another blog site where I make 50 points per post. Older members have claimed to be paid. I love to read. I read more blogs and leave comments than anything else. I love to make money online. I haven't been very successful this year. I am trying new avenues to change that.