Dawn Made Me Do It

@BarBaraPrz (21380)
St. Catharines, Ontario
August 16, 2015 3:28pm CST
Dawn told me to click on the pencil in the upper right corner... I did and this little box popped up. I guess I'm supposed to know that on my own, but there's so much click bait on the page I didn't see it. I've been spending most of my online time over at swagbucks, which has it's own agravations. Nothing ever stays the same as what it was when it hooked me. =sigh=
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@rebelann (43687)
• El Paso, Texas
16 Aug 15
seems like they all think they gotta change things to make em more interestin, well I got news all it does is confuse us ..... ok, me, but I figure I ain't alone
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@BarBaraPrz (21380)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
17 Aug 15
No, you're not alone.
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@much2say (40944)
• United States
16 Aug 15
Yep, nothing stays the same - we've seen it here, and everywhere. I'm always on SB myself, and the changes can be frustrating, but it is doable if you just keep on going. Glad Dawn made you do it though!