Finding treasure in my backyard

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
August 17, 2015 12:54pm CST
So I have learned a lot and I have almost a gram of pure gold. I'm completely excited and can't wait to buy a new battery for my miners wheel and get more. I figure if I can learn to do it in dirt then I will move to creeks where I know gold is. This isn't what I do for a living,but as a hobby that can pay you back why not right? I have only been mining like 2 weeks now and I'm sure I'm learning as I go. Treasure hunting is a hobby,although I might have some pirate blood in me from the rush of the gold. Bed rock gold here I come.
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@Rollo1 (16685)
• Boston, Massachusetts
17 Aug 15
How do you mine for gold where you live? I wouldn't mind finding some gold myself.
• Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
17 Aug 15
What area do you live in ? First off small research, look up what resources as in minerals can be found in your state.2nd buy a gold pan it's good to start there. Dig a hole if any research leads there and pan it first. Quartz rock can be associated with gold with a list of other minerals and even the fools gold can actually have real gold on it there is a few different processes once you get enough to actually make a nice small amount of money I definitely suggest smelting, and I also know how to remove gold out of old phones and such with basic household stuff so there is actually a lot more gold than people realize,especially in creeks and oceans.
• Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
18 Aug 15
@KnightRabbit I always put back into the land I don't want to just destroy my yard so yes I have flowers where I dug
@yugocean (8839)
• India
18 Aug 15
Good hobby If you have a backyard or lawn, you can sow some plants, and you will get Green Gold.