I've become a book snob

United States
August 20, 2015 7:45pm CST
Lately I have been just skimming through books. If it all seems so familiar and monotonous then I tend to groan and click off of the book. (I've come to the kindle darkside, the cookies aren't half bad.) Ok so I probably COULD go with one of my other favorite genres but I am stuck on this one genre and I guess torturing myself with finding all it's many faults. I'm also writing a story based in the genre so I guess you could call it research... lame search is more like it. I'm bored by the author's in the chosen genre. I Guess it's a good thing I have kindle unlimited.
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@pattisw (50)
• Flushing, Michigan
21 Aug 15
I get tired of certain genre's sometimes too and try something else.With all of the free kindle books out there if they stink at least you dont have to feel bad deleting them.
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• United States
23 Aug 15
have you noticed a lot of the free kindle books have bad reviews? I've tried not to let that steal me from a potentially good book though.
@patgalca (14605)
• Orangeville, Ontario
21 Aug 15
I never give up on a book I started. I'm stubborn that way. Even if I'm not liking it I will still read it because I'm going to post a review. Good or bad, I need to read a book I start.
• United States
23 Aug 15
I am sure this will sound odd. I tend to start feeling cringy if I make myself read a book that I have lost interest in. I may skip ahead to see if it gets better, but a poorly written scene can really make it or break it for me.
@PhredWreck (6051)
21 Aug 15
I just don't kindle to reading e-books. (see what I did there?) I don't know if it is I just like turning the pages, or if I like the smell of them or what it is...or maybe I am just old school (define that as a dinosaur). There have been extremely few books I haven't finished once I start them...and some have really sucked. I think I keep reading until they are finished in hopes that they may get better as the story progresses.
• United States
23 Aug 15
I get cringy if the book just sucks. Odd I know. Also it would have worked better had you said : "I"m just not kindle (keen) on reading e-books"
@celticeagle (119864)
• Boise, Idaho
25 Aug 15
Kindle Unlimited? What does that mean? I don't have one so I am not in loop I guess I think I am a book snob too I will start to read a book and if it doesn't get me interested n the first few pages I put it down and won't pick it up again.
@bagarad (12747)
• Paso Robles, California
21 Aug 15
So which genre are you stuck in? I have given up on two books I started this week. One was a free eBook and the other is, I suppose, a murder mystery, but I don't like the author's need to have his characters all be potty mouths and after my customary number of pages I decided the plot did not interest me as much as I had hoped.