What if Pizza Hut Included a 'Topping Suggestions'-Bar in Their Online Order-Form?

@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
August 25, 2015 6:43am CST
Pizza Hut I'm not angry about it, but it IS a little disappointing that their "Create Your Own"-Pizza doesn't let you ask for any toppings but the ones they offer. (I agree that that's probably the best option, to avoid misunderstood orders etc.; but why don't they call it the "Choose Your Own Toppings (from These Toppings)"-Pizza?) And I'm wondering if they could give a little list of 'toppings they've tried which don't work' and 'toppings that would work but that are out-of-stock' ... or at least a little space where you can suggest toppings that might work and (if you're on the "Hut Lovers" email-list) possibly hear back from their chief chef or -from whoever 'builds' the menu. Until then, we can discuss here: Any topping-possibilities you've tried elsewhere that worked? that didn't work? any you haven't tried and are curious about? I usually order enough pizza for dinner one day & breakfast the next, and I'll heat-up my morning-pizza topped with some beans (usually black-beans, sometimes kidney-beans). They don't really add any 'flavor' (so far as I know), but I've heard beans are good for you ... "Beans! Beans! The musical fruit! The more you eat, the ... better you feel!" I wonder if you (or Pizza Hut) have tried: seafood, scrambled-eggs, broccoli, cauliflower ... or any thing else you've tried or wonder-about?
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@marlina (79730)
• Canada
31 Aug 15
The pizza restaurants can't have all kinds of weird toppings, it takes room to store all that.
• Philippines
31 Aug 15
I guess they made a survey and just included the toppings with the most votes and easy to find. Though choose your own toppings could be more appropriate title, "create your own pizza" has more impact to the people. Unfortunately, it might cause disappointment for some people who would really think that they can make their own pizza based on their chosen toppings.
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@LadyDuck (183138)
• Switzerland
25 Aug 15
Well, I like my pizza with only tomatoes, mozzarella and oregano. I do not like plenty of toppings.
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