Does "Baby Gaga" Make You Think of Stefani Enough for It to Be a Violation of Trademark?

@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
August 25, 2015 12:58pm CST
Because famous songstress Stefani G. is suing the ice-cream company The Licktators for trademark-infringement---feeling that their "Royal Baby Gaga"-flavor is 'riding the coattails' of the brand she has spent years enriching "Lady Gaga." If I were the ice-cream executive, I probably would've thought to 'let Stefani in on the publicity of the brand.' But then Freddie Mercury's next-of-kin (or whoever owns rock-band Queen's trademarks) needs to be 'seeking retribution-or-whatever' from Stefani! (as their song "Radio Gaga" is 'where she got the name').
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• Philippines
26 Aug 15
The name fits the ice cream very much. I guess Lady Gaga should stop doing negative action against it. It's good for her and it could help the ice cream company as well. And, yes! Her name came from Queen song Radio Gaga. So she should stop acting like her name is quite new and unique.
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