Appropriate work clothes

@ricki_911 (19982)
Toronto, Ontario
August 31, 2015 8:14am CST
Another coworker brought this up to me the other day. I got my pants a size bigger just to do truck, I find it easier to lift and such with a little bigger pants. Now a couple of the younger workers (16 or 18 year olds) have such tight pants I wonder how they bend over. I don't find them being professional with skin tight pants. This other coworker had mentioned this to me as well. It looks horrible bad, and unprofessional. My workplace is pretty lax with what you wear just as long as they are beige colour. One girl had a pair on you could see through and we were wondering how she could get away with it. Yet, I get in trouble for not wearing my name tag.
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@katsmeow1213 (29044)
• United States
31 Aug 15
I wonder the same thing where I work. We are supposed to dress business casual. This one girl would often wear tank tops, and she's actually a really large girl, so it just looked really bad. I mean I"m a big girl too, and I'm all for larger girls feeling comfortable with their bodies... but still there should be a bit of decorum at the work place. She also wore yoga pants to work a few times instead of work pants. Now this other girl I work with likes to wear this one particular top that I don't think is really all that professional. It's not necessarily a t-shirt, but it doesn't look like much of a business shirt either. Usually she dresses pretty nice, except that one shirt that she wears at least once a week. But they don't seem to say anything to anyone about what they wear.
@ricki_911 (19982)
• Toronto, Ontario
31 Aug 15
I work in retail so we tend to have to tone it down a lot. I remember working in an office and some people wore ridiculous revealing clothes. I find customers always have something to say. But I find it very unprofessional and in a way it reflects their work ethics.