Just rumors

Bucharest, Romania
September 2, 2015 4:21am CST
There are these trolls over the internet that do everything for attention. They even lie about celebrities supposed deaths. For example, a year or two ago there was a rumor that PSY is dead and the trolls were posting comments like "RIP. So tragic to lose him this way" on his most famous video called "Gangnam Style" and people were taking the bait of the trolls and responding to them. Like, seriously, what are these people thinking? Joking about the death of someone is called "having fun" to them? Wow.
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@Rollo1 (16686)
• Boston, Massachusetts
2 Sep 15
It's about getting people to share it. It's about seeing who can get the most likes, comments, shares. It's about getting your phony post to go viral. It's all about the lulz. Trolls have a whole different mindset from the rest of us.
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@shinu007 (17)
• Rishikesh, India
3 Sep 15
Seriously what do they get after lie. The world is full of liars
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@sofssu (14448)
2 Sep 15
That is really mean. I hate people who use others to get a few minutes of fame. Tells a lot about them.