Facebook's 'Reply to Comment' Feature

United Kingdom
September 19, 2015 3:27am CST
To all of you who used Facebook. what do you think about the ability to reply directly to a specific comment? I once tagged someone in a comment and was told by someone else that I could have just replied directly to it. Well, I did already know that but, as I was on my (crappy Nokia Asha) phone, I couldn't use that function. It is a little annoying when I see notifications on my phone telling me that so and so replied to your comment, and then I can't read it anyway because the phone only shows comments and not replies to individual comments. It's nice that people can do that because it means that you don't get loads of notifications about other comments on things, and you know that your comment is the one to which is being referred. Perhaps I just need a better phone!
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@Raelove (17605)
• Saco, Maine
19 Sep 15
I've seen that "sub-reply" box open up just below the last person who posted. I don't always remember to use it.
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• Ludhiana, India
19 Sep 15
I think it's a great feature. In some phones, we can't use tag feature in the Facebook comments. So at that situation we can you this feature to reply to a specific person. He/she will get notification of the reply.
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@munhozmib (3853)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
19 Sep 15
Greetings, pumpkinjam! It is a kind of a new feature and it surely adds to the social network. It's easier to read all the comments on a specific post, since they're "grouped". However, what you state could be some sort of problem in the programming. If this new feature was added, it should be available to all kind of devices available to connect to Facebook - smartphones, tablets, computers, notebooks... It's a shame that you can't read the replies. But it would be great to send the Facebook team this complaint, as it will help them fixing the error. Have a nice day!
• United Kingdom
19 Sep 15
It might help but I think the problem has more to do with using a rubbish phone than with any programming error!
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@jeolex (64)
• Turkey
19 Sep 15
I dont like this sub-reply. Because It is not use for its aim. For example I give a comment one of my friends photo, the other guys make a comment to my comment about the photo. So I supposed to he tell to me but truth is that he/she comment to photo. So we have to use it carefully to prevent misunderstanding :) And also there is a news about dislike button in facebook. I think it will be more useful :)
@amadeo (73525)
• United States
19 Sep 15
I really do not pay any attention to it.I ma bored with the whole things. No help from me on this.Lo siento
@GreatMartin (5812)
• Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
19 Sep 15
Or wait until you get to your computer to read/respond to comments?