Which Parable (Mostly-Fictional Story that Tells Moral Truth) Plays-Out Most in Your Life?

Blue Yinyun
@mythociate (14551)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
September 20, 2015 7:17am CST
We all read/see/hear stories that 'strike a chord' with us personally---that 'ring true' with the paths we choose to take. The way I 'can't stop thinking about things,' I can see how lots of stories 'ring true' with things happening in my life. The one I am thinking-about now is Lord Jesus Christ's "Parable of the Sower": how the Sower just scatters the Seeds almost-randomly, and how a) three-fourths (75%) of the Seeds do nothing or -are destroyed or -are picked-out & carried-away while b) one-quarter (25%) of them are 'received' and 'nourished' and grow to "yield a hundredfold harvest." There are various ways of thinking about that. The way Bibles put it; the Seed is the "Word of God" (ideas that these brains God gives us find and confirm, sometimes with the help of the Bible), the Sower is 'the spreader of the Word of God' (collectively, all the ways the ideas can spread), we people (i.e. our individual selves, formed partially-by the situations we get into) are 'the ground where the Seed is thrown." The way I think about the Parable of the Sower now--kind of an 'more-alive evolution' of the way Bibles put it--the Seed is 'the Parable' (with the Sower & the ground staying mostly the same). The Parable(s) are distributed however they will be (much like 'plants' were before man came to be), but the ground-quality is decided-upon BY US (Hearers of The Word). Some won't hear The Word even though it's told to them (because they don't like that they don't hear it from themselves or -the soil deep beneath them), so The Parable is taken away from them before they can see The Word within it. Others might entertain themselves with The Parable, but will not let it develop enough because it doesn't produce the instant fruit they see in fully-grown transplants they hold instead. Still others hear The Parable, but don't feel 'the fruit it brings' is worth 'the effort it takes to grow it' (much like 'trying to make money by writing online': if money is your only goal, you won't feel that 'the money you make' is worth 'the time you spend improving the quality of your writing'). But others know that--as "unless The Seed is broken, it remains a single Seed with no life"--The Word inside The Parable won't live unless you open The Parable and give food-&-water (& sunshine & air) to The Word within it ... meaning you must make your 'ground' ready to receive 'The Parable you would choose'---ready with 'what would nourish it.' And--like many plants grown before man existed--we have to realize that--though we never STOP being 'only the ground'--THE GROWTH WE YIELD IS THE FUTURE'S SOWERS (who should think--once they start 'yielding growth'--that THEY ALSO are no more than the ground ). Maybe that Parable is a way of understanding how life is a series of Parables for us to 'let take root and yield its fruit before we move-on. Whichever Parable are you currently 'letting grow'? I'm currently 'letting-grow' Into the Woods a 'fairy-tale mix-up musical' that might parallel 'the young adult's yearning to go into the woRLd, in conflict with their parent's yearning to "know" that their young adult-child will be safe.'
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• Preston, England
26 Sep 15
For me, it's all Greek Myth parables and references. I meet many Narcissists, and life can seem a labour of Hercules for me. I am ageing so I feel like Icarus just as the wing wax is starting to melt.
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