Pumpkin's rant of the day: Getting What's Mine

United Kingdom
September 25, 2015 5:53am CST
I haven't had a rant for a while. I've been quite positive, even though I've not been feeling too good. Well, today, I'm OK. What's on my mind is money. Specifically, money I expected to be in the bank today. First of all, I should have been paid from the place I just quit. They're supposed to pay monthly on the 25th of the month. I was paid for my first month (May) in June. I was paid in July for some of June but not all of it. Then I wasn't paid at all for July. So I've just sent them an email to say that I expect it to be sorted. I have kept records of when I've worked. I did try to keep a record of which work I'd been paid for but that was difficult when the wages don't correspond to the work that has been done. So, hopefully, they will have a record of what they owe and will pay me accordingly. The second this is that I have been getting Carer's Allowance. That's a state benefit which helps to cover costs of caring for a person who is classed as disabled. In this case, it's Mini - my 10 year old son. Well, that payment should also have been paid today. When I looked in the bank, it wasn't there. I'm not sure why. I'll have to call them to see if there's a reason. Although, as it's a government agency, I'll most likely get a letter from them in a couple of weeks to tell me they've stopped it. They like to do that. I had also, up until recently, been getting help with rent and council tax. I had a letter about that stating that it had been stopped as of two weeks before the letter was dated. The reason that was stopped was, basically, because the person at the council was 'confused' by some information I gave him. I'm not sure what was confusing about it but, considering the recent discovery that there genuinely are people working there who can't spell their own name, it doesn't come as a surprise. So, that's that. I'm just hoping nothing else fails to go in the bank. The agency have been good with paying. It's just unfortunate that I've not had much work. Then, of course, with Mini and I being poorly, haven't been able to go to work when it was available. OK, I'm going to see if I can call someone about the Carer's Allowance. Then I need to get some housework done and get myself and Mini ready to do things later. I hope he feels better over the weekend as he's got his first rehearsal for a show on Sunday. TTFN
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@bluesa (15214)
• Johannesburg, South Africa
3 Oct 15
I hope that you have been able to get some answers, and that you received all that was owed to you.
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• United Kingdom
4 Oct 15
Some of it is sorted. Still waiting for a response about others.
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@sharon6345 (142544)
• United States
25 Sep 15
I wish you a better day tomorrow.