I will have anchovies with that.

@amadeo (70666)
United States
October 2, 2015 4:30pm CST
How do you like your pizza?tonight at our house is pizza night. We make our own tomato sauce.With plenty of mozzarella cheese. Mike does a great job in making pizza.Very plain not too much of all the stuff that most people put on.He does not like anchovies,but I loved them.Not to mentioned that it is good for you. Love those salty little fish He wil put a few salami nuggets.What are you having for supper or dinner tonight. Oh!a nice glass of merlot wine.Tell us about yours
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• Preston, England
5 Oct 15
my last meal was a Chinese all you can eat. I tend to go all out on pizzas too, adding everything that is available - most of mine are bought in pizza parlours / restaurants
@softbabe44 (5899)
• Vancouver, Washington
4 Oct 15
they are good makes for a great pizza
@TheHorse (71177)
• Pleasant Hill, California
3 Oct 15
I like anchovies on my pizza too. Glad I'm not the only one who still does.
@much2say (40060)
• United States
3 Oct 15
We're having pizza for lunch - but frozen . One is pepperoni for the kids - the other is a gluten free one of Hubby and I. No anchovies! (but I do love the anchovy taste in other stuff). But of course a pizza dinner would be great topped off with one of your famous pies!
@garymarsh6 (14408)
• United Kingdom
3 Oct 15
I am with you too about pizza with just plain tomato and cheese on my pizza. Anchovies rarely as it would only be me eating them.
@marlina (76742)
• Canada
3 Oct 15
I loved anchovies on my pizza too but not all the time.
@LadyDuck (171344)
• Switzerland
3 Oct 15
Just like you, I love my pizza very plain, only tomato sauce (home made) mozzarella, anchovies and oregano.
@Susan2015 (21336)
• United States
3 Oct 15
I love pizza, mostly just with the cheese on it.
@Tampa_girl7 (25842)
• United States
2 Oct 15
My son is making some chicken.