I think I am a lucky person

@humairaku (2039)
October 6, 2015 7:35am CST
Hi, Mylotters.. Just for your information, actually this is my first post since Mylot was back. I really wanted to write earlier but my condition was not allowed me to post. Okay, this is the reason why I call myself a lucky person. I come from an average family. My father has five children, and I am the last child. My father worked as a common officer, while my mother was only a housewife. That's why I never had an expensive things on my own. When my friends rode their bike, I must only satisfy by borrowing their bike so I could ride it. When most of my friends had a cellphone, I was the last person who had it cos I did not enough money to buy it. Then I got married. I married a common man, but he is awesome. He buys me most of fancy things I want for long time, such as laptop, leather shoes, LCD TV, and of course; the latest model of hand phone. I change my hand phone almost every year. That's why I say that I am a lucky person. Maybe for most people here, my story is just ordinary, but for me, my man is awesome. He makes me feel like I am the luckiest woman in the world.
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@MissPiggy (1751)
• Indonesia
1 Nov 15
Agree. You're a very lucky woman.