One of the best (and the cutest!) young surfers

@Fleura (7399)
United Kingdom
October 7, 2015 9:16am CST
I just came across the story of Quincey Symonds, also known as ‘The Flying Squirrel’. She is a 6-year-old Australian who took up surfing 18 months ago age 4 and just proved to be a natural. There are several clips of her out there, below is just one. Her parents and her other people who see her surfing describe her as ‘amazing’ and say ‘she has no fear’. One interesting thing is that Quincey spent most of the first 2 and a half years of her life in hospital and was eventually diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency, meaning her body does not produce the hormone cortisol. Now this is important for a variety of functions but one is that it ‘primes’ the organs to be receptive to adrenaline, ready for the ‘fight or flight’ response. So without cortisol, is she literally ‘without fear’?
As 6-year old girls go, fair to say she's somewhat ahead of the curve
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@Dragonairy1 (1413)
• Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
7 Oct 15
I guess in situations like this being fearless certainly helps, although I hope she becomes aware of what to look out for in the future.
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@Shellyann36 (11257)
• United States
7 Oct 15
She got started young on the surfing activity. That is an odd diagnosis. I would think that because of this she is just not afraid of tackling such obstacles. If I were her parents I would keep a close eye on her. If she does not find a situation frightening she might get hurt somehow. I am glad to hear that she enjoys surfing.
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@LadyDuck (187934)
• Switzerland
7 Oct 15
I have watched the video, she is incredible. I am sure it helps to be "fearless".
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