Manila, Philippines
October 12, 2015 12:29am CST
Raise in a Christian Family but later his years, he became an atheist. If he is your son, and you are a Christian, how can you handle him? What are the things you can do to accept him with his new belief?
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@Asylum (48278)
• Manchester, England
15 Nov 15
Why would you need to do anything at all? Do you consider that atheism is wromg in some way? I feel to see any cause for concern whatsoever. It is the way that a person behaves that matters, irrespective of any religious beliefs.
• Manila, Philippines
17 Nov 15
As a Christian and a mother of course I am concern. Since I am believing in God, and its teaching, I know what will happen to the unbeliever. So, I am a bit worried about it and continuing in prayer that the Holy Spirit guide him to be back on what he believe.
@Asylum (48278)
• Manchester, England
17 Nov 15
@Cdjran2015 That sounds as though you consider atheists to be evil, which is not a justified thought by any standards.
@jstory07 (68176)
• Roseburg, Oregon
12 Oct 15
You have to except your children for what they beleive. But you can also try to encourage them to beleive in Gos. Than the choice is their's to do with what they want.