The Borderline of Appropriate: The Bathroom

Penn & Teller
@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 17, 2015 7:08am CST
I just watched Penn-&-Teller's 'BS' (an abbreviation for their SHOWTIME (cable-TV) show where they expose subjects commonly regarded as 'scandalous'--which would only be "seriously" considered in tabloid-type magazines--to reveal that they're mostly just 'urban legends' thrown at you to keep your mind off of the weirdness). The subject of this one was 'teen s#x.' Their general message was 'everybody does it, so why try to stop it?' The reason-why (before I get to my point ... and maybe in support of it) is "Because--just like teens have always managed to 'do it'--parents, teachers and other grown-ups have always 'not let them!'" I just think that we need a focus, and s#x is one of those side-things that--though 'everybody does it'--focusing on 'it' takes people's minds away from what their focus should be ... side-things which I would classify as 'bathroom-appropriate.'
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