What's the big deal about "normality"?

@joylol (148)
Austin, Texas
October 18, 2015 3:22pm CST
For some reason, society has certain rules on who your "suppose" to be to be socially accepted. What is your viewpoint on this?For those of you who are striving to be "popular" or "normal" and are in pain, I have something to say to encourage you if your in pain: Just be yourself. What is considered "normal" differs from what others consider "normal", therefore normality doesn't really have a real definition. Something with nothing real isn't reality. There's just yourself so why struggle to like yourself with fulfilling normality when normality never existed in the first place. Being yourself isn't selfish. What is selfish is others trying to make you change and take away portions of your true self. Thanks for commenting and remember everyone is awesome especially the broken ones because broken crayons still love to color! Remember outcasts that it's better to be different than a carbon copy of no originality with a bland sense of normality! Stay awesome! ^_^
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@MALUSE (46980)
• Uzbekistan
18 Oct 15
Hopefully members with low self-esteem will find this post.
@joylol (148)
• Austin, Texas
19 Oct 15
I hope so too. After all, low self-esteem is just low not burnt out. Kinda like a pool with low water level. You'd still swim it to cool off therefore it is useful. ^_^
@marguicha (108914)
• Chile
26 Oct 15
I have had luck in my life. I often call myself a crazy olĀ“ witch ( and love it). Mist of my friends are like me. Once, a friend told me that I was excentric. I asked what was the difference with being crazy and he told me that I had more money
@cahaya1983 (10015)
• Malaysia
19 Oct 15
Great advice! There's too much emphasis on what's right and what's wrong that people fail to see the beauty in diversity. There really is no point in trying to be someone you're not.
@peavey (16873)
• United States
18 Oct 15
That's really good advice. When we are ourselves, it really reduces stress, too. I've never considered myself "normal" and never really wanted to be. :)
@Missmwngi (10787)
• Nairobi, Kenya
18 Oct 15
You know this normality thing also pisses me off. I don't know you have to be figure 8 to be accepted,you have to have this and that. Just a banch of craps that people are forced into and blindly they are willing to follow suit. Live your life,love yourself and if they cannot accept you,thats their problem not yours