News Outlets Jumping the Gun?

@FourWalls (11921)
United States
October 26, 2015 10:49pm CST
Pardon the pun there, but it seems that any time there's a gun-involved incident the media goes crazy. Sunday night (10/25) the Twitter world lit up like a proverbial Christmas tree with reports of "an active shooter" on the campus of North Carolina Central University in Durham. It turns out that it was one person who got shot after an argument. An "active shooter" is someone who's out to slaughter people, not one guy fighting with another. If this had taken place in a bar down the street from the college it would've hardly been noticed. Grow up, media.
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• United States
27 Oct 15
Sensationalism sells. I am sure that will not be the first...or last time..the media gets it wrong. They should be a lot more responsible.
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@poehere (17787)
• French Polynesia
27 Oct 15
Wow talk about going viral this one did. People never wait for the real outcome they just jump in and pass it on.
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@Rollo1 (16637)
• Boston, Massachusetts
27 Oct 15
I thought you were going to talk about the headline that said a shooter had killed 4 and injured 30 at the OSU homecoming parade, when it was actually a car that drove into the crowd.