Fuming -why charge me for a ticket?

@ricki_911 (19994)
Toronto, Ontario
October 28, 2015 8:30am CST
We went to the movies last night, and I had a coupon online for B1G1 then used my rewards points to get the other one free. Well I decided (since I had gift cards) to get some popcorn, drink and candy (if was cheaper that way). We were a little late so I didn't look at the ticket right away until I was halfway home. I gave the girl my phone and she scanned it (for the tickets) she said oh it didn't work so the manager came out, and scannned it and said it worked. Well I guess she charged me for the tickets and didn't say anything. Are you serious?. I decided to come home and go to bed as I was tired. Got up asked my sister as she goes to the movies often (as I rarely go) so I just wanted to make sure I was reading this right. She said yes you got charged for the ticket. I was fuming the girl said I bought them online (and I have the ticket in my inbox), yet with my snacks she charged me for the two tickets. Wow! I wonder how many people don't notice and don't get their money back. So I emailed them and complaint to get my money back.
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@Freelanzer (9497)
• Canada
28 Oct 15
I can't believe she didn't tell you before charging you. I hope you get your money back
@ricki_911 (19994)
• Toronto, Ontario
28 Oct 15
I know! That is why I am more irritated. Be different if she said the ticket didn't scan or whatever reason. She scanned it a few times wouldn't go, so she got the manager, and then she said ok it went through then charged us for the tickets anyways. I thought $30 for a bag of popcorn, bag of candy and drink was a little expensive.
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@Hatley (164465)
• Garden Grove, California
8 Dec 15
@ricki_911 wow I wonder how many people shje h as done that to and got away with it hope you get your ,pmeu back.