if you have a dollar what will you do

@aarifa (1212)
November 21, 2015 3:08am CST
i want to know the value of one dollar in other countries except india . what will you do with one dollar
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@babaraimc (1323)
• Pakistan
21 Nov 15
i think the value of 1 Dollar here is pretty much same as in India
@owlwings (39602)
• Cambridge, England
21 Nov 15
In the UK $1 is worth about 60p. That would buy me, perhaps, half a loaf of bread or less, maybe half a litre of milk or something like 300g of butter. 60p would also buy two oranges or two lemons or two cans of the cheapest tomatoes. I could drive my car for about four or five miles for that amount and maybe make a five minute call from my landline to a mobile number (though there are many different phone plans which give one 'free' minutes, so that isn't a good example, perhaps).