I don't have to ask, they already know

November 22, 2015 4:29am CST
I walk into the coffee shop-without asking, they bring me a large double double. I walk into the corner store, the man brings me smokes and stratch and win-I wonder, will I be lucky today? Sometimes I could go without talking, and I wouldn't miss it. I came to understand why certain of the monks take occasional vows of silence. We've spoken enough-does He already know? When I show up at Your door, do you know what I will ask for already? And when we've asked, we become silent...so that we can hear? Or rather, so that I can hear? Things which we once knew, but had forgotten. Or rather, things that I once knew...but have forgotten. It's Sunday, and time for the Eucharist. My ritual is as much to enter that Silence. An island of the mind. Where our words no longer lie...I remember, was my heart far from you? If I draw near with my lips, and all your praise is in my mouth...would it be sincere, or a lie? It's Sunday, and it's time to remember, the Eucharist, it was never my offering and it was not my sacrifice. Before we are called to speak, we were called to listen. I don't need to ask, You already know.
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@bluesa (15223)
• Johannesburg, South Africa
5 Dec 15
Hmmm...oh my. When I was younger I could talk and then some, now I am older I have learned to appreciate certain silences. I am a very careful person and only share of myself that which I am comfortable with, so I rather let people talk about themselves. I am called a good listener... :-). And, it is great when a person walks into a place and they already know what a person wants, yes, it sure makes things easier... :-).
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@scheng1 (24741)
• Singapore
29 Nov 15
Sometimes I think we talk too much. There are too much talks, and not much actions. This is especially true in politics. If the politicians learn to talk less, and do more, we will have a much peaceful world.
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@peavey (16876)
• United States
23 Nov 15
Amen. It's only in the deep silence that we hear the most precious thoughts.
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@Lucky15 (33669)
• Philippines
22 Nov 15
Silence can be defeaning to some...but i don't mind
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