The Sounds of Bigotry

@zebra2222 (5171)
United States
November 23, 2015 8:22pm CST
I cannot stand the sounds of bigotry. It seems like they are rearing their ugly heads more often. Attacking illegal aliens, refugees from Syria, gay people, and the list goes on. I believe people should never be judged by their religion, race, or ethnicity. They should not be judged by their sex. Too much of this call for judgement is being reflected by the basest of human behavior. I will not be a part of this.
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@UncleJoe (10622)
• Virginia Beach, Virginia
24 Nov 15
I just couldn't be bigoted against anybody unless they aren't just like me!
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@jstory07 (69251)
• Roseburg, Oregon
24 Nov 15
I do not want to be part of anyone making fun or doing harm to another person. That is just wrong.
• United States
24 Nov 15
What a world we live in.
@1hopefulman (31684)
• Canada
24 Nov 15
If we could all be like you?
@simone10 (21647)
• Louisville, Kentucky
24 Nov 15
I feel exactly the same way that you do and will not be a part of it either. There is just so much hate in this world and it saddens me.
@boiboing (12882)
• Northampton, England
24 Nov 15
Me neither.