Last Night,I fell!

November 24, 2015 10:51pm CST
It was a little over 3 AM when a strange noise woke me up from my disturbed sleep.I stared at the golden wall clocks' hands till my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness surrounding it.An eerie silence seemed to close in on me. Again that noise.Was I really hearing it? Or was my imagination getting the better of me? I had to find out.Reluctantly I pulled away the rug off my feet and got up, groping about for the switchboard Strangely,my hands caught empty air when I extended them to where the switchboard should have been.I walked another two steps to make sure I wasn't mistaken and tried again,but in vain.A sudden wave of giddiness hit me. With shaky knees,I frantically reached out for anything that I could catch hold of for support but even my bed seemed to be out of reach. The noises started coming in echoes now.Strange screeching sounds.Like a baby,or maybe an animal dying in pain.The dizziness grew with every passing moment.My knees gave in and I collapsed.I waited for them to hit the ground,ready to take the impact. But this is so damn weird.They never touch the ground,I am just falling.Falling into void.Falling deeper and deeper.I shriek for help.No one hears me.There is Nothing to hold on to.Just Darkness all around.This cant be happening.I have to get help.I scream again. I screamed so loud this time that I woke up startled and sat on my bed wondering what the heck it was! This is not the only dream where i fall into emptiness! I often get nightmares where in the end I wake up getting that falling feeling? I know they are just nightmares,but I get them,and they are scary :O Can anybody explain why this happens?
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@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
25 Nov 15
Youi cou ld have been upset about something or very worried and that emotions made their way i nto your dreams. Just be so glad when you wake up that it was o nly a dream. It could be that you ate so mething too close to bed time. I would not let it bug you but ifit keeps happ en you might go to a mental health clinic for some help witty fhosenightrmares I know they are scar y, you might need to seek help to p ut a stop to them.
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• India
25 Nov 15
Lol! I don't take them so seriously! And they happen once in a blue moon,so I guess I can skip 'the visit to the clinic' part? ;) Anyways thank you for your thoughtfulness
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@poehere (17680)
• French Polynesia
25 Nov 15
I always thought dreams were part of our subconscious mind that plays tricks on us when we sleep. When I was small I hated it when we had to go up this one windy road and all you could see on the other side was empty space. I use to dream that I was a car flying down into empty space. I know it was because I had seen this when we were driving and in my dreams we were on this same road. I don't know any other reason for this one. Maybe something happened to you when you were young and your subconscious mind has blocked it out. Now you see this in your dreams.
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