Re: After reading sishy7 's post...

@xstitcher (11109)
Petaluma, California
November 26, 2015 12:49pm CST
I just got through reading @sishy7 's post "Just an early overview of my goal" , where she said that she tried to get in so many posts a month. I have tried to do at least four posts a day on the sites that I've been on, though as of today it looks like I am only going to be writing on myLot unless the other site I write on changes its ways. Out of curiosity, I looked in my book where I keep rough drafts of things and also mark off how many posts I've done on the sites I was writing on. Altogether I counted eighty-seven posts/discussions so far in November here on My Lot, though I noted a couple of days where I marked nothing down and I am not entirely sure that I have marked down every thing that I have done, but eighty-seven is surely enough, and the month is not over. ;p
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@marlina (71358)
• Canada
26 Nov 15
87 posts is pretty good.
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@xstitcher (11109)
• Petaluma, California
26 Nov 15
Thank you, @marlina--I just haven't been able to get many things that are creative out these days. ;( I hope to at least get a poem or two out today.
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@kaka135 (13989)
• Malaysia
27 Dec 15
I think 87 posts is good for just a month. I usually only make one post per day here, and I try to interact with others most of the time.
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@GardenGerty (96819)
• Marion, Kansas
22 Dec 15
I believe my average would be closer to 65 per month. Maybe seventy.
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@Blondie2222 (21213)
• United States
29 Nov 15
I'm not sure how many i have done as I don't keep track. I only keep track of my earnings and that's it
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@sishy7 (27664)
• Australia
9 Mar 17
You're right on track of your 4/day goal this month too... Well done!