Facebook issue: black screen

December 5, 2015 2:40pm CST
Hello. I have a problem whenever I access any Facebook page. I get a (almost) black screen that's on top of everything else. If I click anywhere, then it just dissapears, but it really annoys me having to click on it every time so that it goes away. Do you have the same issue? Please help me solve it. I've googled the problem but didn't find any solution. This is what I mention: you can see the pic here:
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@amnabas (10311)
• Karachi, Pakistan
5 Dec 15
No its working fine just refresh your device.
• Ecuador
5 Dec 15
It's my computer, not any mobile device. It's not a new problem. It's been happening at least four days now (only to me, it seems).
@slund2041 (3375)
• United States
5 Dec 15
I have not had any problem with it. I was there about 30 minutes ago.
• Ecuador
5 Dec 15
It happens only with my account and on any computer where I open it. I don't know why. Other accounts work well on the same computers
@PhredWreck (6051)
5 Dec 15
I was just there seconds ago, no problems for me
• Ecuador
5 Dec 15
Yeah, it's not something new nor something common. It seems to be happening to me and only me. It's not a problem with the site, but with my account, it seems.
@Hatley (164484)
• Garden Grove, California
8 Dec 15
nope I have never had that problem when signing on to Facebook
@birjudanak (7293)
• India
7 Dec 15
no i have not seen this problem in my PC,its new for me but never happened.