How to get children to do chores!

December 8, 2015 11:48pm CST
I have four kids who are now all old enough to do do chores. We have setup a regular chore chart to ensure that each chore is done in a timely manner. I still however appear to have to argue, fuss and fight to get them to complete their associated jobs on a daily basis. I have offered a variety of incentives and punishments and nothing seems to work for any length of time. I am open to suggestions
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@Sreekala (23595)
• India
9 Dec 15
May I know how old they are? I really appreciate your efforts to make the kids to learn and take responsibilities. Make sure that the works can be done easily. No need to burden them. Don't force them to do their works. Instead give surprise gifts to those who finish their works in time. Praise them a lot. Some children are happy on praise and will do the works quickly. Punishments may not work for them.
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• Manila, Philippines
9 Dec 15
explain to them how important it is to know how to do the household chores. make them realize that no one will do the chores if you're already gone. make them feel that you need help and you're having trouble with the household chores. lastly, if all this things didn't work.... pray, then get all their gadgets (ps4, laptop, cellphones, Ipad) and make them do the job.
• Australia
9 Dec 15
Thank you for your ideas. I will continue with all of these suggestions. I understand it's all about patience and perserverence
@pumpkinjam (5782)
• United Kingdom
9 Dec 15
I don't usually have too much trouble with getting mine to do things. They each have one specific job for which they are responsible once a week - little one puts the washing on, big one empties the bins and puts them out. Other times, I just ask them. I remember once when I had asked my eldest to do something (I don't recall what it was) and he said something about him being my slave - my response was 'why else do you think I had children?' Of course, I was being silly. :) I have, however, had to explain to the little one why he should help out. I usually explain that there is a lot to do and that everything will be done more quickly if everyone helps. In turn, the quicker things get done, the more time we can spend together/doing fun things and Mummy won't be so tired and grumpy having to do everything myself! I also have the advantage that my ex is a complete slob so I can tell the little one that I don't want us living like that!